Fixed Wire Electrical Testing (EICR)

Safe Electrical Solutions Ltd know the importance of fixed wire electrical testing and the consequences of not identifying potential problems for our clients, so we offer a comprehensive approach including all parts of your electrical distribution system from the main incoming supply right through to the final connected accessories such as socket outlets and light fittings. As well carrying out a number electronic tests to prove the integrity of cabling and prove automatic disconnection of the supply under fault conditions a thorough visual inspection is undertaken to identify any other potentially dangerous faults that could lead to fire or fatal injuries.

All testing procedures laid out by British Standard (IEE wiring Regulations) BS 7671 / 18th Edition are stickily followed at all times to check compliance.

Electrical testing is, therefore, an essential preventative maintenance measure to ensure your business is electrically safe at all times.

LV Installations in accordance BS 7671 18th Edition As Amended

Safe Electrical Solutions Ltd has a vast experience and knowledge of installing and maintaining electrical distribution systems within a whole host of commercial and industrial facilities. We have a proven record of meeting client’s expectations for design, installation and commissioning within the prior agreed budget and time frame.

Emergency Lighting (Testing & Full Installation to BS 5266-1:2016)

What Is Emergency Lighting?
Lighting that automatically comes on when the power supply to the normal lighting provision fails.

Do I need Emergency Lighting?
Any Business premises employing 5 or more people has a duty of care to undertake a Fire risk Assessment to safeguard any occupants. The following regulations are legal requirements to ensure this.


Safe Electrical Solutions Ltd can offer guidance on meeting these requirements for your new installation or planned maintenance for an existing one.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Services

Portable appliance testing, commonly known as PAT testing, is vital to protect your business and its employees.

PAT Testing only has to be carried out by a `Competent Person’ There is not a legal requirement to have a qualified electrician carry out your PAT testing, But by choosing Safe Electrical Solutions to carry out this service for you can be confident that your electrical safety testing program will be efficient and complete to the relevant standards.

Thermal Imagery infrared technology for critical electrical applications

For more sensitive electrical distribution systems were turning off power to carry out fixed wire testing is not an option, we can offer a Thermal Imagery survey. An Electrical thermal imaging survey is a non-evasive and non-destructive procedure using infrared technology.

By using this advanced infrared technology we can quickly determine any potentially dangerous hot spots commonly caused by loose terminations or unbalanced overloaded circuits. Thermal Imagery is an excellent preventive maintenance tool that could prevent potential faults for your business before it’s too late.