Is your bank holiday about to be a blazer or shocker?

LED Lighting / Energy Saving
23rd March 2017
Are you using dangerous electrical appliances in your home?
23rd March 2017
LED Lighting / Energy Saving
23rd March 2017
Are you using dangerous electrical appliances in your home?
23rd March 2017

The second bank holiday of the month is almost upon us – here at SES Ltd we love May, aside from the bonus time off (if we’re lucky!) it is a time when many householders get out and about namely in their garden to begin to tackle what can seem like a jungle!

Getting the mower and trimmers out from the shed after the long Winter can seem very satisfying, but how many of you guys actually check your electrical garden tools to make sure that they’re not going to cause serious electrical injury when you use them…..they worked last year I hear you cry!

Well, keep reading as there are a few electrical reasons why your mower might not be so good this time around:

Water Damage
Even a slight leak in the shed roof can cause serious damage to lawn mowers and any electrical garden tools so check for signs of water damage before plugging in. Remember water and electricity are a lethal combination and can cause fatal electric shock and injury. Don’t become a victim over something so easily avoided.

Electrical items stowed away in the shed are more susceptible to cable damage then electrical items in your home. Sharp objects stored against the cable could cause damage, mice have even been known to chew on cable so always check cable carefully for nicks, cuts and damage where the bare cable can be seen.

RCD protection
If your home has a modern consumer unit fitted in recent years, then chances are you are RCD protected. Look for the RCD test button on your consumer unit and check it is working as it should. If you don’t currently have RCD protection, as an electrician in Andover, I strongly suggest you purchase an RCD plug for use when using electrical garden tools.

An RCD plug will give you electrical protection so if your mower or hedge trimmers develop a fault the RCD will activate almost instantaneously. It could be the difference between life and death. If you accidentally chop through the cable, what could you do to stop yourself receiving a fatal shock without an RCD in place?

Be lawn mower alert this bank holiday!
Being an expert in lawn mower care is perhaps not the savviest of topics, but it is worth reading through this simple checklist to make sure you’re not at risk of electrical shock or injury. If you knew you were, you would change it wouldn’t you? So take the time to read these points to ensure your own electrical safety this bank holiday.

Is your lawn mower of a good quality?
Purchasing a low mower from a reputable source is important. Be sure to purchase your lawn mower from a trusted retailer. Fake electrical products circulate online frequently and customers have been duped into deals that seem too good to be true.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions
Taking risks or using your lawn mower for jobs which it is not intended for can cause unwanted electrical injury as well as injury to yourself. If it’s the first time you have used your lawn mower, read through the instructions, you might think you know what you are doing but sometimes instructions can contain hidden surprises!

Don’t use an electric mower on wet grass
Here at SES Ltd, I see neighbours out in all weathers cutting their lawns. It makes me cringe as the risks of electrical shock are so high. Never cut your lawn if it has been raining or the grass is damp. Always make sure the grass is dry before beginning.

Hopefully, as the title of this blog suggests, your bank holiday will be a blazer – well if the weather holds out of course! Just make sure it doesn’t turn into a shocker over a few simple matters.